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One that encourages peace, love and happiness and stands against hate, judgement and war. A rejection of unconventional values. One that questions everything, including the government. One that lives simply with holistic outlooks on health and the environment. An alternative thinker; Lover of humankind; Protector of animals; Warrior for the Earth.

Synonyms: Flower child, nonconformists, free thinker, bohemian, free spirit

How we got our name

On a recent trip to Thailand we found ourselves deep in conversation with a new friend about things we would like to do before we are forty. We all agreed that the only thing we really care for is to be happy and do something that we enjoyed, not a typical 9-5 that paid the bills. Lost in conversation discussing all the ways we hope to better the world he said to us:

I wish there was a way we could all band together to make a difference in the world; To organize our thoughts and really change it into a better place.”

Getting back from that trip, as we packed up our van for life on the road, you could see the disappointment on my dad’s face. “You know, it would be a lot better if you guys just bought a house.” A sentiment echoed by nearly everyone we’ve talked to since getting married. While no one came right out and said it, our whole way of life was a colossal disappointment to them. In their eyes we were Peter Pan – children that needed to grow up. Sitting in our van I thought to myself:

You know this is the first thing you have ever done where you truly didn’t care about what anyone else thought. You never went through a rebellious stage. The most rebellious thing you have done up to this point is travel. You have always worried, perhaps too much, what everyone else thinks of you always keeping their influential voices in the back of your mind. Besides, a girl who refused to eat meat, advocated for human and animal rights, and makes it her life’s mission to spread the love and find peace all while driving around in her old Volkswagen van, that can’t be that much of a rebellion. It isn’t like I am lost downtown shooting heroin and partying like crazy. I couldn’t be letting them down that much, right?

It wasn’t until one evening we realized that this wasn’t a small innocent rebellion. This was a serious, dangerous, life altering rebellion. We are threatening not only ourselves, but the government, our families and everyone whose life we have touched.

What we are doing jeopardizes all things that our generation has become so comfortable with. We are rebelling against million dollar fast food industries, powerful pharmaceutical companies, grueling beauty industries, real estate companies, the stock market, the government, society as we know it. We want change. We want freedom. Our friend from Thailand was right: the only way we are going to get there is by banding together and chasing our goals.

Chasing Freedom.

Our Bucket List

Ever since the movie came out in 2007 people everywhere have been putting together lists of what they want to do before they die. Early into our relationship we started talking about our list never putting anything formal together. I had a journal beside my bed and about six months into our relationship we started to casually write down ideas we loved, places we wanted to visit and things that really sounded cool to us.

Unfortunately during the downsizing process of turning to a minimalist life, the journal got lost. With most of the ideas still fresh in our heads we created a formal list while sitting in the airport about to depart on our honeymoon.

When we got married, we vowed to one another to never live a normal, boring life. We promised each other a life of thrill seeking adventure and with what I am sure will be an ever growing bucket list we know just how to make it happen.

Be a part of our adventure as we work towards crossing (and adding) things to the list.

  1. Learn to scuba dive (In Koh Tao, Thailand)
  2. Go to Munich for Oktoberfest
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. Get good at rock climbing and climb somewhere exotic
  5. Attend a music festival
  6. Be a beach bum in southern France
  7. Learn to surf (In Bali)
  8. Paddleboard in the Maldives
  9. Swim through an underwater cave
  10. Dive with sharks
  11. Tour through Portugal
  12. Indoor skydive (yep, that’s about as wild as we will go)
  13. Visit Morocco
  14. Scuba dive the blue hole in Belize
  15. Boat ride down the Amazon
  16. Try kite surfing
  17. Swim with a sea turtle
  18. Dive a shipwreck (In Bali)
  19. Raft down the Nile river
  20. Visit Moab, Utah
  21. Explore a Mayan ruin
  22. Go heli snowboarding
  23. Sleep in a castle in Scotland
  24. Write a book
  25. Release baby turtles into the ocean
  26. Road trip through Iceland
  27. Scuba dive the mediteranean
  28. Get a tattoo
  29. Climb Machu Picchu
  30. Visit Antelope Canyon
  31. Buy and renovate a school bus
  32. Stay in a tree house hotel
  33. Get the full New York City experience
  34. See the penguins in Chile
  35. Bare witness to the northern lights
  36. Experience the grand canyon
  37. Drive down the Florida Keys
  38. Do a polar bear swim
  39. Go on a scuba diving cruise
  40. Climb through the rice terraces (in Vietnam and Bali)
  41. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids
  42. Tour through the Greek islands
  43. Attend a yoga retreat
  44. Visit Sri Lanka
  45. Party in Vegas
  46. Float in the dead sea
  47. Scuba dive in Iceland while touching both continental plates
  48. Visit Glasgow, Scotland
  49. Dance at a rave
  50. Visit all 7 continents
  51. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  52. Road trip through Australia

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