We love travelling. As we explore more and more of this world we are faced with the reality that there is very much a right way and a wrong way to travel. 
At Freedom Chasers, we believe in all the beautiful things that can come from a life of travel. We LOVE and RESPECT the role of tourism in a country. However, we are STRONG believers in sustainable tourism. Travel should help enrich you as the traveller as well as the environment, the county, the culture AND the animals you are interacting with.As we stumble our way all over this big beautiful world we are realizing more and more than what we do, and how we choose to live, plays a big role in the world.

What is an afternoon, an Instagram photo or a blog post if it ends up causing harm to an animal’s life, disrespects a culture or harms this earth?

Let’s keep this world beautiful and pure enough for everyone to enjoy.