Travel Tips


From a mundane life working 9-5 Monday – Friday and only living for the weekends, we overhauled our lives to that of adventure. No more strict work schedules, no more bosses telling us hen we could eat or go to the bathroom.

We completely transformed our life to a point where we travel full time.

This way of life is against everything we have been taught. From minimalism to stepping away from the corporate ladder and opting out of indulging in climbing housing prices it isn’t easy. That is why we have created a list of tips to take your travel experience to the next level.

From saving money, making money and finding the most affordable ways to travel we have listed them all here.

We found through our travels that many hotels don’t like when you book through because they receive less of a profit. In an effort to practice sustainable tourism where we help local destinations to flourish as well we looked for the most reputable way to book your hotel (and car and flight) while keeping to a tight budget and helping local businesses.