Hello Friends!

We’re Samara and Myles – your new best friends and local travel-aholic adventurers. With our love for writing and photography combined, we designed this website with the hopes that it would serve as an inspiration for others to step out of their comfort zone and go explore the world.

Our goal is to help others intentionally design their lives and chase their freedom.

Our Story

After meeting online in 2014, we fell in love quickly and fiercely and moved in together only months later. In 2016, we bought an old VW Westfalia van and set out into the unknown in an effort to escape the ordinary and create the life we’d always dreamed of.

Since then, we’ve driven across Canada and 22 US states. We’ve also traveled internationally to 13 different countries. Committed to building our dream life, we’ve created a home base in the Okanagan. In our Kelowna home, we live with our best friends and travel part-time to all different corners of the world.

Our travels allowed us the time to explore our definitions of freedom and dive deep into deciding what we want our life to look like. Our ultimate freedom is found in the opportunity to go and do whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want.

How beautiful would it be to design your life rather than just existing in it?

How We Do What We Do

The first step to becoming location independent was becoming financially independent. Shortly after setting out on the open road, we knew we needed to make this a permanently sustainable way of living which meant we needed remote jobs.

We built this website and learned everything we could about SEO, content creation and social marketing. We began working as freelance copywriters for different online websites.

This has evolved into being a source of full-time employment for us both and has given us our dream of being location independent: our greatest definition of freedom.


A ball of energy, Samara is best described as a dreamer. An impromptu trip to meet a friend in Southeast Asia in 2015 sparked her love for travel. After spending 2 months abroad exploring, Samara returned knowing she wanted more from life. A year later, she moved her family into a van and left for a life on the road never looking back.

Samara buzzes with creative energy that shows in her writing. Her expertise lies within lifestyle and travel articles with a specific love for writing about the outdoors. A master in all things SEO and Pinterest promotion, Samara knows not only how to write a great article, but how to get it in front of the right audience.


Myles is a laid-back perfectionist that is obsessed with traveling. A high school trip to Europe was all it took for him to catch the travel bug. He’s a big believer that life should be anything but ordinary and strives to make every day interesting.

His experience owning and operating a company and managing multiple high-volume telecommunications stores has created a drive and work ethic that keeps him going. By focusing on back end website development and content creation Myles has chased his freedom and created his ideal life.

Come follow along our journey and let us help you CHASE YOUR FREEDOM.