We are a small family of tree hugging, animal loving and adventure seeking twenty-something year olds trying to create the most amazing life we could ever dream of. We travel full time with three dogs with wildly big personalities – a goofy lab, docile Dachshund and a bossy Chihuahua. The adventures we embark on are powered by an 87 horsepower Volkswagen van in which we call home (well, that and a lot of coffee).

We are a simple nature loving, wander stricken couple searching for a life of adventure.

After a crippling knee injury and a traumatic car accident we were both out of work and searching for happiness. We realized that happiness is something you create. Not something that finds us while sitting in our 900 square foot basement suite while binge watching How I Met Your Mother. So we made a plan. We wrote down everything we wanted in life and then set it into action.

With the typical barriers (dogs, car payments, student loans, etc.) as well as our personal new barriers (a torn ACL, a torn Meniscus, crippling headaches) we felt stuck.

Fortunately for us, our gypsy spirits won out and we decided that no barrier was worth living a boring life. Β 

We decided that one big road trip suited us best as our three sidekicks didn’t allow us to jump on a plane every few weeks. The stars aligned and we found our beautiful mess of a van named Gurt (Gurtrude when she misbehaved).

On a whim we sold everything, quit our jobs and a few months later hit the road in less than 90 square feet. The results have been a soul healing, claustrophobic and unforgettable mess of adventures.

With a new flare for life we are dreaming bigger than ever before and exploring more and more of this earth.

Come join us on our adventures of traveling the world all whileΒ chasing freedom.