Ever sat there and thought about your life and realized how much you lived for “one day”? Saving for a house, waiting for the right time to get married, to have kids, for school to start, for a big promotion? I consider myself a decently aware person, of my surroundings and actions and habits, I make an effort to be present and aware. However until today, I have never realized how much I put my for now on hold in hopes for my some day to come true. While I sit here and watch all my stuff get sold and talk about this trip, it doesn’t quite feel real to me yet. No way, I’m not the girl who is going to pick up my life and move it into a van with my family and travel my little corner of the world! Yet it is happening – just over two weeks from now! We have uninsured our vehicles and made our little van our daily driver. Spending more and more time has done something completely unexpected. I realized that for possibly the first time in my life, I am living right now and loving every second of it.