Everyone knows that common American Dream of driving to an airport, looking at the screen that says all the different flights going out and blindly choosing one. Movies have been made about running into the unknown with no responsibilities and disappearing. However, I believe that only a very few amount of people could actually get to the boarding time, let alone actually purchasing the ticket without panicking.

“I have no luggage, no plans, no hotel, what is my boss going to say – and my husband, I haven’t done any research, I don’t even speak the language.”

I believe this common fantasy is more like a not very well thought out fairy tale for most. However, I can confidently say that it is close to what #vanlife is like, for us anyway. It could be because we are still new to vanlife, having only been at it for just over a month now, or it could be that this is how most people feel about it. But I hardly ever know what town I will sleep in that night when I wake up in the morning.
It may be our disorganization and excited (and arguably not very well thought out) planning but there has been more than a handful of times where I will be up getting lost in the mountains somewhere and will look at Myles and say “what city are we in right now again?” One amazing evening talking to some new friends over a fire we received advice to head towards the Rockies. That is all it took for Myles and I to jump on a late night ferry off the island and speed (ha!) to go see this beautiful unknown land. Clearly we are not the most patient of people as the Rockies have been standing for quite some time and will remain for much longer. We just wanted to go, and for us that’s enough of a motivation as any.

I’m sure we will have to eventually become more organized. We will have to stop zig-zagging our way across for this trip, but for now we are testing the boundaries of freedom this lifestyle offers. And so far we haven’t found many boundaries. We are now eating right, having learned that this is the most important thing because in an area as tight as ours. There’s little room for the hangry green monsters that sometimes come out. With only food, gas and dog food as expenses Myles and I feel free to do whatever we want.
This lifestyle does not have bells and whistles. You have to for one be pretty comfortable with yourself as changing in public will become a common occurrence. Brushing your teeth at the beach is a thing; going into McDonald’s to refill your water bottles when you’re driving through cities will become a norm.

Pro tip: Myles and I bought gym passes to a anytime fitness – a gym that’s open anytime of day and located all over North America. This means we can use their showers, refill our water, go to the bathroom, steal some WiFi etc all along the way without having to pay each time.

But if you can handle all that prepare for an unbelievable amount of freedom. I truly didn’t know this level of freedom existed. The way I think has changed, the options I have in life seemed to have opened up tremendously, our relationship with each other and with ourselves has gotten so much stronger – and we are less than two month in!

There are many things that we are excited about for this trip. We are trying to balance not having any expectations while being dreamers finally living OUR way and naturally getting so excited. We know that it will be hard, we are fully expecting lots of tears, some fears, a decent amount of boredom and our fair share of arguments. But we are also dreaming of all the mountains we get to climb, all the hidden waterfalls we get to swim in, all the many faces we get to meet along the way and we can’t help but get excited. We have thought a lot about what kinds of things we want to accomplish in a more personal growth kind of way – flexibility, healthy diet, promoting our beliefs, etc. The one thing we can never stop smiling about is the thought that we have all the time in the world to do anything we can dream of. Our wondering minds have no boundaries. We can write books, go to school, take up art, learn how to play guitar, anything we want. The saying “the world is your oyster” has never seemed so fitting. It’s a big responsibility, the utter freedom, but one thing we can both agree on is the comfort of having our home with us. No hotel rooms, never having to go home at night but to instead always be home and have that familiarity. To never have to leave your loved ones and your belongings, but rather carry all that’s important with you. There is a possibility that this all may fail, that we may come home after a week wondering what we were thinking. But just imagine, what if this is the best thing we’ve ever done.