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For those who have traveled to South East Asia you know that there is no where else quite like it. Bangkok is no exception to this. I am sure everyone who has ever been has said to themselves “only in Thailand” more than a few times. From the incredibly memorable array of smells, the ground that looks like you will absolutely fall through it and the incredibly sketchy forms of transportation it is truly one of a kind.

One thing you can surely count on when traveling to Thailand is that you will meet some of the best people in the world. Both locals and fellow travelers, there is nowhere else quite like it. Oh, and the beaches, they’re pretty nice too.

Trying to explain Thailand to people who haven’t been there is nearly impossible. No explanation is necessary when it comes to affordability. This is a place that is accessible to everyone (seriously, book your ticket!) except maybe those with a severe peanut allergy. They put peanuts on EVERYTHING and there is no such thing as using a different pot for cooking.

On the flight over I was giving Myles a run down of all he should prepare himself for. “Barter everything to at least 50% of their original asking price. Stay away from the mysterious meat kabobs. Drink as many iced coffees as possible, and make sure we only get into metered taxis”. He agrees that these are words to live by – at least in Thailand (well, there’s no such thing as too many iced coffees no matter where in the world you are).

Once we landed and walked out of the airport we were sweaty in a matter of seconds. Eager to get Myles to the backpacker capital, Khao San Road, for his first look into the backpacker lifestyle we grabbed a taxi and headed for the streets of Bangkok.

We instantly did what I think every traveler coming into Thailand: we ate! The food, oh the food! Street food is one of the biggest draws to this country (just me that loves this?). Markets are home to a beautiful array of food that is, for the most part, less than a dollar! With fruits tasting a new kind of delicious you will find yourself sucking back more banana shakes than you’d care to admit (they’re healthy, right?).

The best part of all the food? You walk so much that you don’t get left with that bloated feeling. This leads way to the next biggest thing in Bangkok: shopping! With countless high end shopping malls and even more street vendors with all the low priced knock offs you could ever want, there is something for everyone.

You will get pulled in all directions here so prepare to get your firm “no thank you” face on. From people trying to fit you for a new suit to drivers offering cheap rides in their Tuk Tuk’s you will quickly feel like a mere dollar sign. Learning to embrace this will make your trip much more enjoyable. If you laugh and joke with everyone you will get an amazing response, even from people trying to sell you.

Thailand is an amazing place that will always leave you surprised.


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Thailand is one of the most touristy countries in all of Southeast Asia for young people to visit. With cheap flights, stunning beaches and delicious food it is no wonder it is quickly becoming a top destination. Perfect for backpackers this country is becoming more and more accessible with many international airports and a cheap and user friendly bus and ferry system.

Having an increasingly tourist driven economy ensures that you will stay safe and have a fun time touring through this country. But with quirks like penis shrines and unmanned potholes you can’t help but think “only in Thailand.”

Get ready to laugh when you hear some of our wild stories with this country.