What would you do if you won the lottery? What would your life look like if money wasn’t a concern? These are things we all day dream about and ask ourselves. Would you buy a mansion? Buy a nice car? Quit your job? Our answer, travel! We have both traveled a bit, but with 3 dogs a jeep payment and careers we were horrified with the realization that our dreams of travel would have to be fulfilled with a mere 2 weeks a year that our vacation time allowed along with the odd long weekend.

That is not enough time to submerge yourself in a new culture, to get lost and see it all, to both relax and see all of the sights. So going on a vacation that we can bring our dogs on and go at our own pace seemed like the best way to spend our life. So, we are taking the leap! Committing to do what in our minds seems so natural, yet in our circle is unheard of. “You’re crazy”, “that’s not how life works”, “you need to work and buy a house”, we had a steady flow of doubt and loving ’bouts of reality’ from family and friends. Understandable, after all this concept of off-grid living wasn’t common amongst our loved ones and we were the first of our friends and family to really question the “get a career, get married, buy a house and have kids” lifestyle. What we have been told our whole lives, since elementary school. 

We were told we are trying to be hippies in a world that can no longer handle them, it isn’t safe, it’s too expensive, there are too many laws against them. None of this was going to stop us. We have completely romanticized the idea of selling everything that doesn’t fit into our 32 year old van and hoping it will hold up long enough to take us up mountains and through forests to find the great wonders lying in our own backyard. (Although saying it, or rather writing it, does sound kind of crazy!) Luckily for us, we have a whole Instagram world that’s saying this is an actual possibility, and with that we pray they are right.


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