You weren’t born to just pay bills and die. We have all seen this quote posted all over our Instagram, facebook, pinterest and about a hundred different social media sites we use every day. Corny, yes. Overused, yes. However, we couldn’t get it out of our heads. We got to a point that we began to think as outsiders in the world. We had trouble grasping and fitting into everyday normalities. No matter what we were doing, we never felt fulfilled; we always came back to the same conclusion: we don’t belong here. Suddenly everything we typically filled our day with seemed unfulfilling, everything we owned seemed mundane, our walls were caving in on us. I have always struggled with an intense urge to run, to flee, to explore and roam and just leave – where I ran to never mattered to me. We spent our days much like the majority of other people; waking up early and tired to go to a job that we didn’t enjoy for eight hours and then coming home exhausted and full of work drama and road rage from your commute, coming home with just enough energy to make a quick, less than nutritious dinner before slamming down on the couch to “relax” for a few hours before bed. This is the “norm”, this is what everyone we talked to referred to as “life”. Yes, weekends were more eventful but still full of exhaustion and we hated the idea of “living” for only two days a week, only a mere 100 days a year. So, enough is enough. We have decided that one way or another we are going to live our life, the way we want to live. We have a lot to leave and consider – careers, car payments, dogs – however this was not going to stop us, not this time.


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