Today, Samara and I woke up, looked around and got overwhelmed by how much we have to do in just 22 days. We still have couches, a TV, and rooms full of clothes and furniture. Just as we were starting to feel overwhelmed and 20160608_152949 (1) doubting ourselves, our phone rang. It was perfect timing: Relish was painted. We were so excited it took us less than 35 minutes to get out of bed and get to the shop, a trip that usually takes about 45 minutes in drive time alone. Much to our happiness, a quick 180 degrees from the morning, our work had paid off: he looked amazing. We couldn’t stop smiling and after deep debate we compromised on splitting the drive home in half, each getting a chance. The moment we got her home, we heard the mountains calling our name, and we left “speeding” (he tried to go fast). The rain wasn’t going to dampen our moods today. The moment we sat in the van we instantly had a vision of how our trip was going to feel.


After our impromptu and much too short drive through the woods we arrived home, to our overcluttered messy house. But with onimage1 (1) e foot in the door, our phone rang once again. It was the Bug Shop with news about Gurt. It wasn’t good news; the repairs were going to almost double our original budget, but with the promise of nothing else having to be fixed. After seeing her state the week before, we just wanted her back. We justified the extra expense by realizing that we would much rather do everything now than anything happen and realize it on the road. Just as life was getting us down, our prayers were answered.

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